Theater Info

Township Center for Performing Arts

Theater Staff

Claudia Genteel
Artistic Director
(954) 973-8094 ext. 105



Alexis Mitchell
Assistant to the Artistic Director
(954) 973-8094 - ext. 106


Lisa Krause
Box Office Coordinator: 

Phone: 954.970.0606 
Fax: 954.973.1762


Toni Coveley
Box Office Staff

Phone: (954) 970-0606


Michael “Rudy” McNeil
Crew Chief / Sound Design


Tech Office Phone: (954) 970-4717
Fax: (954) 970-4202


Eduardo “Eddy” Andres
Light Design


Pedro Betancour
Tech A-2 / Stage Manager


We are a non-union, State of the Art, Live Performing Arts Theater, with a full time staff.


Loading Entrance Information

The loading dock is located at the back of the theater, facing Lyons Road. The Roll-up door measures 10’ x 16’. The dock accommodates one truck.

Seating Information

Our capacity is 625 with a raked floor at a ratio of 1:8 with 5 foot of elevation to the back of the theater. Seats are offset, providing excellent viewing throughout. We are handicapped accessible, and can accommodate up to eight (8) wheelchairs. A seating overview can be found by clicking here.

Orchestra Pit (Niche)

The orchestra niche is unique in that it is located house right. It is “D” shaped and measures 35' x 12'6", and will accommodate up to 16 musicians. The niche is isolated and acoustically set-up for excellent sound quality and outfitted with microphone inputs and monitor outputs, as well as Intercom positions.


The theater, located at 2452 Lyons Road, is available for rent, for a variety of presentations, including full scale Musical Productions, Concerts, Dramatic plays, Dance Recitals, Beauty Pageants, and Graduation Ceremonies, etc..


Computerized Lighting, Digital Sound, Line Array Speakers, 25 UHF Body Mics, and a twenty-three line set Fly System, Dressing Rooms (SL & SR) with shower and bathroom facilities. Twenty foot wings, stage right and stage left. We also have a 7 foot Grand Piano available for orchestral use.

More Specs

A. Front of House Hardware

1. One Yamaha PM 5D: 48 channels, Snapshot Recall, 500- scene memory, computerized
mixing board.

B. Speaker System

1. SLS line array: Left, Center, Right Configuration.
17K Watts by Lab Gruppen
3 Electro Voice Delay Speakers w/ Lab Gruppen amplification.

C. Monitor System

1. Five independent Monitor Mixes
Monitors are all JBL enclosures w/ Crown I-Tech amps.
2. Two One Audio 1600W Side Fill Speakers

D. Wireless System

1. Shure UR-4D Wireless UHF - 24 discreet channels
a. Twenty four (24) wireless body pack microphones
b. Twelve (12) wireless handheld microphones

E. Complete package of Microphones and Accessories

1. We have a full assortment of dynamic and condensor microphones, overhead choir microphones, PZM’s, drum microphones,SM-57,SM-58,AKG 451 beta 91, beta 98, direct boxes,etc.; Guitar & Keyboard amplifier. Full assortment of music stands and lights.

F. Pianos

1. One 7 foot Grand Piano (on stage)
2. One electronic spinet (full 88 keys)

II. Playback

1. One Marantz professional 5 disc CD changer.
2. Two Tascam professional DVD players.
3. One SRX Digital Audio Work Station, with Laptop Remote Control.
4. CD optimization and burn capabilities.

III. Communications

A. Intercom System: Six (6) positions available. (include orch. niche)
B. Dressing Room Cue System from Front of House.

IV. Projection

A. DVD, Power Point, live streaming A/V, 2 computers, all patched through a Extron switcher/scaler to FOH HD Projector on a 20' x 20' screen. (Screen can be flown “in and out” on command from FOH intercom)


A Note From Our Sound Engineer

Our Theater Audio System is a complete digital experience. A Digital Audio Workstation offers real-time control and visual monitoring of equipment on four flat screen monitors. Networking of our BSS loudspeaker management, Crown I-Tech/JBL monitor system, Shure wireless mic systems, and the Yamaha PM-5D Console, as well as simultaneous dual hard drive Playback/Record functions, is only a wireless mouse click away. This entire Control Room package can also be simultaneously controlled from a wireless Laptop from any location in the venue.

A Note From Our Lighting Designer

The Theater lighting system features an ETC Ion 1000 channel console with 2 x 10 and 2 x 20 fader wings, a 19" touch screen and 22" DVI monitor, patched to over 200 fixtures for special effects. The light show can be recorded “cue to cue” for extended engagements. Our theater features 8 moving fixtures; (2) Martin 918’s, (1)Coemar i-spot 150, (2)Mac 300 moving heads, and (3)Meteor moving mirrors. We also have a Jem pro hazer mounted on the 1st electric, which is controlled from the console. These features allow us to create amazing effects for such an intimate venue.



Stage floor is wood over wooden sleepers, making an exceptional dance surface, great for tap. We do allow floor to be drilled into, making sets easy to be secured.


Loading bridge height - 45’
Proscenium height - 17’ - 10”
Proscenium width - 37’ – 7”
Depth of stage - 35’
Stage width (SL to SR rail) - 77’ – 7”
Wing space (SR and SL) - 20’
Apron (from curtain) - 7’ – 6”
Height of stage - 3’

21 single purchase counterweight line-sets, 1 dead hang last US Batten in series. Pipe battens are 50’.

Soft Goods Inventory

1 red velour split main drape, flies as well as travels - 19’ x 46’
1 black velour split traveler (3/4 stage), flies or travels - 19’ x 46’
4 pr. Black velour legs (traveler acts as 5th leg) - 19’ x 12’
5 pr. Black velour borders - 44’ x 6’
1 black sharks tooth scrim - 20’ x 45’
1 black cyclorama - 20’ x 50’
1 black cyclorama - 18’ x 40’
1 light blue cyclorama - 20’ x 50’
1 white cyclorama - 18' x 45'

Miscellaneous Drops

1 NYC skyline - 18’4” x 12’10”
1 Conga drop - 15’2” x 22’
1 Oleo drop - 11’4” x 13’3”
1 blue swirl infinity drop - 20’ x 40’
1 “Annie” scrim - 20’ x 35’
2 pr. Jungle legs (1 pr. Portals) - 12' x 7'

Decorative Stage Enhancement

2 White Spandex Drops - 15’ x 6’
2 Turquoise Spandex - 16 yards
2 Triangular Truss’ Decorative Only - 8’
2 Triangular Truss’ Decorative Only - 10’
1 Pair faux marble columns Black - 9’
1 Pair faux marble columns White - 12’

Marquee Rentable Space

Outdoor Side Wall Mounted Marquee Lighted




The Township Center for Performing Arts is equipped with an extensive “house” lighting plot. It comes focused and colored as per the plot. Because of time restraints, any special lighting needs must be done in advance, any refocusing of equipment must be restored to original plot at load out. If you would like to obtain said lighting plot, please contact production offices.


ETC Ion 1000 ch w/ 2 X 10 and 2 x 20 fader wings
I-96 dimmer rack 96 dimmers 2.4k, ENR dimmer rack 12 dimmers 2.4k, 108 total dimmers.


The lighting rig consists of 5 electrics, 3 onstage and 2 FOH. The third electric is reserved for cyc lighting or stage enhancement, a ground-row (US) is available for cyc lighting or once again stage enhancement, drops, scenery, etc. The third electric has 4 Mole Richardson 9-light cyc lights; the ground-row also has 4 Mole Richardson 9 light cyc lights. In addition, 2 – 10’ mobile trees are available, with 4 fresnels on each tree, and are movable to any location on stage or in the wings.

Dimmer location

1 – 24 FOH 2nd beam
75 – 93 FOH 1st beam (raceway added in new construction)
25 – 42 1st electric DS (down stage)
43 – 60 2nd electric MS (mid stage)
61 – 70 3rd electric cyc lights US (upstage)
51 – 74 drop box SR US
72 – 47 drop box SL US
21 – 73 drop box SR DS
71 – 48 drop box LS DS
94 – 96 house lights
97 – 108 ENR dimmer rack (wall mount US)

Lighting inventory

25 6 x 9 ellipsoidals
24 6 x 12 ellipsoidals
10 6 x 16 ellipsoidals
2 6 x 22 ellipsoidals
5 19 degree source fours
4 36 degree source fours
20 6 inch fresnels
18 1000W PAR 64
20 18 X 10W RGBW LED PAR 64
4 7 X 3W RGB LED

Chauvet Hazer

Assorted, miscellaneous gobo’s, including some glass gobos.